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What's in a Name? 

About Us...

Saul2Paul Project is a gospel-soul band based in the Washington DC Metropolitan area (DMV). For over a decade they have been creating and presenting gospel music with their own unique spin. Their name is based on the apostle Paul from the bible, who was a man known by 2 names (Saul to the Jews, and Paul to the Gentiles). Paul had a unique mission- to bring the gospel to people who didn't have the same religious background as he did. Saul2Paul Project's unique style of delivering the gospel message through music,  is also unique, non-traditional, and geared towards all kinds of listeners, even those outside the church. People are God's greatest passion, and He is still on a mission to restore this broken world. Saul2Paul Project's goal is to reveal Jesus, so that He will become the greatest passion of all people. 


Since 2006 founders AnDraea and Chris have been curating a gospel sound that has an unapologetically soulful, R&B vibe.  As co-writers and co-producers, they have established a distinctive expression with a touch of jazz, go-go, traditional, and always in a posture of worship. Motivating people to glorify and worship Jesus is their #1 goal. 



This musical group is unit of songwriters, producers, musicians and singers... more than a band... a creative alliance...a family brought together by God to bring Jesus and G-Soul to everyone.  

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